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Caine Lee has over 15 years of experience recording Rock, Punk, Metal, Pop, and Hip Hop Music in a variety of studios across the country.

Weather you recorded in a world class studio or in your garage, Caine Lee can take your tracks and mix them into a cohesive quality song. Using a variety of digital, and analog processes, and offering re-amping and drum sampling, there is no track that he cannot work with.

A bad mix cannot be fixed with Mastering but a good mix can be a great final product with quality Mastering. Caine Lee  uses a mix of digital and analog compressors and EQ and the highest quality Analog to Digital conversion to polish off your music and get it ready for prime time.

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Caine Lee does most of his work from the studio he co-owns and operates in Orlando Fl, Red Lion Audio.

Red Lion Audio is a full service commercial recording, mixing, and mastering facility serving artists and record labels for almost a decade.

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